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Mishpachat Halfon - A Cappella Ensemble

Keen to sing and harmonize, often extemporaneously, my family has developed a repertoire that we sing at our Shabbat table. The selections are drawn from a variety of sources; and while many them are of Spanish and Portuguese provenance, many are not.

Our hope is to add videos on a reasonably regular basis, so please check back often.

Adon Olam - Mozart

This melody for Adon Olam is taken from the quintet of Mozart's opera The Magic Flute.

Uba Letsiyon Go'el

Our family's custom is to sing Uba Letsiyon Go'el following habdala on motsa'ei shabbat.

Lamnatseach Binginot

The traditional London Spanish and Portuguese setting for Psalm 67. In the synagogue it is used for festive occasions and may be sung following the counting of the Omer between Pesach and Shabou'ot.

Eshet Chayil

Our family's take on the well known composition by Ben Zion Shenker for the verses from Mishlei, traditionally sung before the kiddush on Friday night.

Chishki Chizki

Piyyut written by Haham Aboab de Fonseca in honour of the opening of the Esnoga in Amsterdam in 1675. The musical setting is by Abraham de Casseres, composer in residence to the Amsterdam Portuguese community between 1720 - 1740.

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